Bolle is Jan de Bolle.

Change is exciting and at the same time it’s a problem. Companies are looking for solutions.

I can help. ETPs, market structure and operations are my specialities.


The investment management industry is undergoing dramatic changes. Fund managers are finding alternative ways of providing clients with competitive products at low cost.  The ETP-industry was one of these innovations and is reaching maturity after years of growth. However, a lot of investment managers are still wondering how they can enter the ETP-market. Trading firms are also seeking ways to enter the market.

Bolle can help you make the right choices to build your own suite of ETPs or to start trading globally in ETPs.

Market Structure and Operations

Everybody knows it. Financial markets are changing. But why and how? It’s clear that regulation is forcing everybody to think about transparency, client protection, risk, etc.
Technology is another game changer. For those who are unable to innovate, it will be hard to remain competitive.

Bolle can help you to understand these changes and to find a suitable solution for your operation.